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Civil maintenance

❖ Civil works (Construction)
• Supply of Gravel and Sand
• Supply of cement
• Reinforcement Rods of different sizes


Bush Cearing

We are well equipped with the best tools to handle complex bush clearing services in dry and swampy areas

Waste Management

Waste Management ❖ Solid waste management ❖ Office and Domestic Waste Management (Non-Hazardous) ❖ Waste Transportation and logistics services

Camp and Facility Management

Camp and Facility Management
❖ Construction and Fabrication of Porta Cabin / Site Accommodation
❖ Site Preparation
❖ Camp Installation / Fabrication
❖ Labor Supply

Metal Fabrication

❖ Mechanical (Designs, Fabrication and Procurement)
• Structural, Arc and Argon Welding works
• Pipe fittings
• Pipe Laying
• Storage Tank Construction
• Workshop Fabrication
• Grating installation

Protocol and Logistics

We have fleet of vessels and speed boats to suite your various needs

Environmental Management Services

❖ Fumigation
❖ Weed Control
❖ Industrial Cleaning

Project Management Services

We manage the various phases of the project acting as an extension of the Owners’
Depending upon the project requirements, we establish the procedure for carrying out
architectural/Engineering designs for all our construction project


Security Services(Security
equipment/devices, Pipeline Surveillance,
Armed guards etc.)
❖ Training/Manpower Development (Basic
Safety training, Software/IT, Engineering,
Finance/Accounts, Management/Admin.,
Soft Skills Training)
❖ Nigerian Manpower Supply (Nigerian
Professionals only)
❖ Horticulture/Landscaping

Hospitality Services

Onshore Catering and other related services
❖ Lease of Office Accommodation/Guest House
❖ Offshore Laundry
❖ Offshore Catering, Housekeeping, etc

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