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Sustainability of any organization lies on the shoulder of three special entities … the Clients, the Team-employee’s and the customers… Without the formal our success story will be incomplete. Therefore, to these three invaluable pillars, it is instructive to note that, as we reflect on the activities of the year 2021, though challenging, yet we survived it regardless of the turbulence and uncertainty. Interestingly, we clearly realize how much you’ve been a great deal to our brand. We want to most profusely tender our appreciation for the partnership, teamwork and loyalty whilst we say thank you …! To our potential Clients, our success stories will be incomplete without your leadership though the list is endless they include but not limited to… NNPC, JBN, DeltaTek, FISAS, Incomes Electrix, Solite Integrated services, NDDC, TrustLub Fluid Resources Ltd, Total, Conoil, Mobil, AAK’s and Bross, Dukoria, DESOPADEC, Tomba Resources, A & E Petrol, Matrix Energy, A.Y Shafa Etc We can’t thank you enough for all the support you showed us this year 2021. May the upcoming year 2022 be filled with success and wealth. We are looking forward to continue working with you. Your commitment to excellence has helped our business to grow bigger, and our whole team will be forever grateful for that. We apparently Can’t wait to continue our business collaboration in the year ahead, and to our potential and remarkable prospective clients … Chevron Nig. Ltd, HEIRS HOLDING, FORTE, EXXON MOBIL, NPDC, SEPLAT etc. we indeed hoped that our long awaited collaboration and services will be required in the coming year 2022. To our compassionate team and workforce, we say thank you for all you do. To our esteemed customers we salute your courage and patronage. Obviously you have and always continually keep us in business… we say gracias, For and On behalf of the entire team of Jolly Energy Fleet Limited… I Eyengho, Samuel Besidone signing off 2021 Calendar and activities….!

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Our records and achievements span across multiple industries such as Construction, Oil & gas, Management, etc. with proven competence in completed projects

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For your maximum satisfaction, Our Teams are equipped with the best tools to meet the international standards and innovation that will enable faster and prompt delivery of any scale of service.

Provide both products and services to both Large and medium scale firms in the Oil and gas sector.

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